Dairy Goat Co-operative Dryer 2 Project

Protech Stainless was engaged by GEA Process Engineering to supply items for Dairy Goat Co-operative’s new Dryer Project in 2013.

One of the items was a GEA Niro Air Disperser type DDD500. The Air Disperser is a key component in a spray drying plant and its performance is crucial for both product quality and plant efficiency. The DDD Air Disperser incorporates all the latest knowledge within spray drying. Protech Stainless takes pride that we are the sole supplier for both GEA New Zealand and GEA Australia for this type of Air Disperser.

The other major items manufactured for the Dryer Project were 6x TVR Calandrias for the evaporation process. These GEA Niro Thermal Vapour Recompression vessels fully welded construction meets all sanitary standards for the Food & Dairy Industry. Each vessel having approx. 100x 16m long stainless tubes in them, and with underparts attached were over 24m long and weighing over 6000kg. The tubes in the Calandria’s were welded using Protech’s automated Tube to Plate Orbital welder, giving consistent high quality welds every tube.