Fonterra 30 Tonnes per hour Dryer Project

Protech Stainless was engaged by GEA Process Engineering to supply items for Fonterra 30 Tonnes per hour Dryer Project in 2012.

The main item was the centre structure of the Dryer Chamber Roof with 4x GEA Niro Air Dispersers type DDD1250. The Air Disperser is a key component in a spray drying plant and its performance is crucial for both product quality and plant efficiency. The DDD Air Disperser incorporates all the latest knowledge within spray drying. Protech Stainless takes pride that we are the sole supplier for both GEA New Zealand and GEA Australia for this type of Air Disperser.

The Centre Roof Structure was fabricated and Air Dispersers fitted in our workshop, then transported down to Darfield ready for final assembly to the main Dryer Chamber. This was a larger version of Darfield Dryer 1 Roof Centre Structure and 3x DDD Air Dispersers which we completed and delivered in 2011.

Protech was also involved in working with GEA on the design of a prototype CIP Expansion Gate which operates as a Chamber Vapour Barrier. Fabrication took place in our workshop followed by 4x larger production versions for Darfield Dryer 2.